Welcome to the realm of a beautifully crafted, sanctuary where age knows no bounds. Saradise uniquely showcases Sarawak's identity and warmly embraces its culture, sharing it with the world. Focused on Identity, Ecology, and Arts, Saradise crystallizes the essence of a one-of-a-kind lifestyle through the Sarawakiana product, promising opportunity and quality for Kuchingites and future generations.

A harmonious and esteemed community, Saradise takes meticulous care in selecting businesses that align with its premises' serene ambiance and unique charisma. Visitors will indeed have a wonderful and safe experience during their time here.

Saradise offers not only a destination for leisure activities but also a versatile location suitable for people of all ages to engage in various pursuits. With key privileges such as its proximity to the airport, a central position with an abundance of nearby services such as medical centers, universities, and malls.
Foodie Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle
Community Events & Engagements
Saradise is the ideal place for activities ranging from photography and quality family time to hosting state-of-the-art events, including conceptual and thematic events, product showcases, and international event settings. Moreover, Saradians (residents and visitors) can enjoy a wide range of amenities and conveniences, all encapsulated in one innovative integrated township, including banks, hotels, dining options, F&B establishments, entertainment venues, shopping opportunities, wellness, laundry services, an enhancement center, and other services to further enhance the overall living experience. Saradians could enjoy Saradise Edge, an F&B mall in a garden, with a pleasureful dining experience and family-friendly waterplay. For dog owners, there's also the added benefit of a fantastic dog park called Bark Park, where they can bring their dogs to train and play.

Furthermore, Saradise and its community are deeply rooted in a shared passion for building a strong sense of togetherness and promoting a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. Here, humility and warmth prevail, fostering an environment where connections are made, and life is celebrated.
Our Key Features
Lifestyle Integrated Township
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With the innovative approach to nurture the
Sarawakiana Brand of Development to the World
by unifying Identity, Ecology and the Arts,
Saradise is committed to transforming the quality of life of
Kuchingites and the future of Sarawak.

We are dedicated to nurturing a community that shares our vision and unwavering commitment to
elevate the quality of life in Sarawak. Saradise stands as 'The Heartbeat of Kuching,'
serving as the central hub for people of all ages to enjoy and thrive.

Dato Chris Chung
Co-Founder and Group Chief Executive
Officer TSG Group of Companies

Dato Chris Chung Soon Nam, co-founder and Group CEO of the TSG Group of Companies, is a respected figure in Sarawak's property development sector. He aims to pioneer innovative and sustainable real estate concepts that embody Sarawak's unique identity.

Dato Chris' most ambitious project is the first integrated innovative township in Sarawak, offering a world class lifestyle experience with a distinct Sarawakiana identity.

As Saradise's brand ambassador, Dato Chris rallies his team and clients to showcase Sarawak's splendor. He recently spoke at the Shape The World Conference in Singapore, emphasizing Sarawak's uniqueness and the significance of the Saradise.

With Dato Chris' visionary leadership, TSG Group and Saradise are making strides in putting Sarawak on the global map.
Chief Operating Officer

Dylan Yee is the Chief Operating Officer at Saradise. A planner by profession, he has led the urban planning team at CPG Consultants which developed the township strategy for Saradise Kuching and he was instrumental in reshaping business strategy.

Dylan is also responsible for building up the capacity of the team that is now able to co-develop real estate development strategies and plans. He is also responsible for assembling relevant alliances in building technology, business opportunities to help advance Saradise interests in various business and overseas ventures in ASEAN and China.

Saradise’s innovative ideas, extraordinary vision and impeccable quality have been recognised with a number of awards and accolades.
Since its inception in 2017, Saradise has consistently garnered acclaim, with place-making and community at the heart of its development core purpose, contributing significantly to its noteworthy successes. In 2018, it secured the Award for Shop Offices and the prestigious Prominent Developers in Sarawak Award from the Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (SHEDA). Upholding their unwavering commitment to excellence, Saradise achieved yet another milestone in 2022 by receiving the Outstanding Award in the Commercial Category for their brainchild, Saradise Edge – an F&B mall in a Garden. This year, Saradise stands nominated once more as one of the prominent developers in Sarawak for the SHEDA Awards 2023, the fusion of place-making and community remains the cornerstone of their continued success.
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