Master Plan
Sarawak`s first integrated
lifestyle township.

Introducing Saradise, Sarawak's premier integrated lifestyle township. This extraordinary 272 acres development offers unparalleled convenience, situated adjacent to an international airport and a mere 15-minute drive from the city center. Nestled amidst established neighborhoods like Polarwood and BDC, Saradise encompasses a total development cost of approximately RM5 Billion.

The Saradise lifestyle development is intelligently divided into various clusters, each serving a distinct purpose. Phase 1 showcases four major clusters:

Entertainment Gateways
Immersive Living
Healthcare & Business Hub
High Street Cluster

Comprising shop offices, F&B outlets and grocer, this cluster offers vibrant entertainment options and modern conveniences.

Immersive Living: Encompassing landed residence, serviced apartment, resort condominium and international school, this cluster provides a truly immersive,family values-oriented and premium residential experience.

This cluster focuses on providing comprehensive healthcare services and top-tier business facilities.

Dedicated to creating a vibrant shopping and commercial district, the High Street Cluster showcases a distinctive character, attracting a diverse range of visitors.

Each cluster within Saradise is meticulously designed, complemented by unique public spaces and interconnected green loops, creating a cohesive identity for Saradise – the Lifestyle Hub of Kuching.

Among the completed projects that define Saradise are:

Saradise Shopoffices
Saradise Edge
Borneo International School

A collection of 132 uniquely designed shop offices with high ceilings, spacious layouts, and full-length glass, creating a modern and inviting atmosphere.

Launched in 2021, captivating culinary experience and vibrant event venue with a 25,000 sq ft food street set in a beautiful garden.

Designed to accommodate approximately up to 1,500 students, the new green campus boasts state-of-the-art education facilities, fostering a holistic learning environment.

Among the on-going projects in Saradise:

Saradise Treasures

Offering 40 exclusively premium designed landed properties, Saradise Treasures showcases exceptional craftsmanship and luxurious living.

In addition to these accomplished ventures, Saradise has exciting future projects in the pipeline:
Saradise Dreams
Resort Condominium
Healthcare Cluster
Business Hub

Saradise Dreams: Comprising 10 commercial units, a total of 260 residential units, including 240 serviced apartment units and 20 specially designed "living in the sky" residential units, Saradise Dreams presents a unique and aspirational living experience.

A luxury resort condominium designed for those seeking the utmost in sophistication and relaxation, providing an unrivaled retreat.

Spanning an impressive 30,000 sq ft, Saradise Grocer offers a garden-inspired grocery shopping experience, ensuring convenience and quality for residents.

Featuring the healthcare cluster within Saradise ensures residents have easy access to top-notch medical services.

Catering to the business community, Saradise includes Grade A office towers that provide a professional and conducive environment for enterprises.


Sara is Saradise's very own cuddly and friendly little mascot who brings excitement to the busy community of the city.

The mascot Sara was designed to epitomize the Sarawakiana and Kuchingites' optimism. The mascot's character, to the Kuchingites working folk reasoning that the cat "express great affection toward others and enhance social bonding within the busy community”.
Bill, the vibrant mascot of Saradise, is a hornbill inspired by Sarawak's signature bird. As the lifestyle ambassador alongside Sara the cat, Bill embodies the charm of Sarawak's culture and biodiversity. With his colorful plumage and distinctive beak, Bill captures the essence of Sarawak's natural beauty.

His friendly demeanor, sense of adventure, and infectious enthusiasm make him a favorite among all ages. Together with Sara, Bill promotes the harmonious coexistence of nature and urban living in Saradise.