Saradise Group is a lifestyle developer in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Saradise is recognised for having shaped places including Brighton Square and for introducing Saradise Gallery, a venue that promoting local art and design; and for launching community initiatives such as Kuching for Me contest to shape Sarawak Identity, ecology and arts. Saradise is committed to transforming the quality of life of Kuchingites and the future of Sarawak. Saradise’s commitment is to building a well-landscaped and integrated living environment with a differentiated aim to showcase the best of Sarawak’s identity and innovative thinking to the world. Saradise seeks to become the global ambassador for Sarawak through its lifestyle brands in property, hospitality, cuisine and lifestyle products.

Dato Chris Chung, Group CEO
Dato Chris Chung Soon Nam is the founder and Group Chief Executive Officer of the Saradise Group of Companies , a property developer in Sarawak, which aims to be a pioneer in building uniquely Sarawak real-estate concepts that are innovative and sustainable. Dato Chris’s most ambitious project to date is to implement the first integrated smart township in Sarawak with a distinctive Sarawakiana identity and a world -lifestyle experience that will be a paradise to the residents staying there. Dato Chris is the brand ambassador of the Saradise Brand and constantly rallies the team and clients about the real purpose of the development which is about letting the world know about Sarawak. He spoke at Shape The World Conference in Singapore about the uniqueness of Sarawak and why the project of Saradise matters.
Dylan Yee, Chief Operating Officer
Dylan Yee is the Chief Operating Officer at Saradise. A planner by profession, he has led the urban planning team at CPG Consultants which developed the township strategy for Saradise Kuching and he was instrumental in reshaping business strategy. Dylan is also responsible for building up the capacity of the team that is now able to co-develop real-estate development strategies and plans. He is also responsible for assembling relevant alliances in building technology, business opportunities to help advance Saradise interests in various business and overseas ventures in ASEAN and China.

Saradise’s innovative ideas, extraordinary vision and impeccable quality have been recognised with a number of awards and accolades.


Award Winner
SHEDA Excellence Awards 2018


Award Winner
SHEDA Excellence Awards 2018
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